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Bus Strike Agreement

If no agreement is reached by then, the union threatens to take industrial action shortly thereafter. Last month, MEPs voted 96.8% in favour of strikes. “We are always worried about our passengers and take them where they are going,” said Unifor representative Jamie Renwick, who was close to reaching an agreement at the transit centre. There will be no transit strike! The partners have reached an interim agreement. Transit is not disrupted at all! @UniforTheUnion @TransLink #transitstrike #TranslinkStrike @cbcnewsbc pic.twitter.com/8XYpVoLXXh SkyTrain workers voted in favour of a strike last week, although both sides planned negotiated contract negotiations. The union, which represents 5,900 Metro Vancouver transit workers, has cancelled a three-day strike. The agreement was reached shortly before 12:30 p.m. .m PT, after the union renewed the previous midnight deadline. Transit officials said at the time that 350,000 people were using the bus and seabus system every day at Metro Vancouver and warned them that a full strike could create chaos with the morning and afternoon shuttles, with transit drivers transporting their vehicles to work and school.

VANCOUVER — The details are still a secret, but a preliminary agreement reached by the Transit Workers Union and its employer early Wednesday morning will likely be voted on by union members in the next seven to 10 days, according to Unifor. News of the provisional agreement arrived at 12:30 p.m. .m. Deadline on Wednesday, the same day was to take place a planned three-day general strike. Details of the comparison will not be published until the agreement has been ratified, but he added that they are satisfied with the result. CMBC President Michael McDaniel said the agreement was ratified Wednesday by the company`s board of directors. Union workers had promised to quit their jobs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if no agreement was reached before midnight. The strike reportedly shut down the bus system throughout the region, resulting in some 350,000 passengers and commuters looking for alternative means of transport.

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