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Sale Agreement For Apartment

The clause should make it clear that the scope of the agreement also includes the transfer of the entire seller for the electrical connection, the connection to the water, the association of the owners of dwellings, membership in the clubhouse, membership in the gym, the contribution to the declining association fund, etc. In the absence of this clause, the seller may request additional money at the time of sale against all deposits he has paid. B. He must not demolish or demolish the apartment or make a part of it, or at any time, make a complement or modification of any kind inside or inside the apartment or part of it. 7. The seller transfers and transfers to each buyer, after the completion of the building and after receiving all payments, prices, deposits that the buyer must pay to the seller for all apartments/parkings and other premises of the building in question, all rights, rights and shares of each dwelling. 3. The seller has the property of the apartment to the buyer on or before…. Day ……, 2000. The seller receives the certificate of completion and occupancy with regard to I the apartment in question of the …. Municipal Corporation.

The buyer must take the apartment within one week after receiving the seller`s notification to the buyer that the apartment is ready for use and occupancy and that the certificate of completion and the certificate of occupancy of the … Municipal Corporation; (e) If, at the time of execution of the deed of sale, the seller does not provide permanent ownership of the property. the apartment by the seller to the buyer. the amounts to be paid for these gifts are not paid within the agreed time, the buyer is required to pay interest of 18% per year between the due date and the payment date. (d) if the seller does not provide all the original documents at the time of the execution of the deed of sale. You can check my article on the list of documents necessary to buy real estate 4. The purchaser hereby declares and undertakes not to be entitled, except with regard to the said apartment agreed here, and the seller continues to be entitled to the property in all the structures of the land mentioned, open spaces, car parks, halls, stairs, elevators, terrace, etc., until all the apartments are transferred to the buyers and the declaration of the deeds of the apartment is carried out and the condo is formed, as in the …. Property And Property Act. To the extent that the seller is entitled to a reasonable extension period for the delivery of the property of the apartment on the above Ate, if the completion of this building is due to the unavailability of steel, cement, other building materials, water or electrical supply, or because of war, agitation or the act of God or communication, order, rule, government notification, … the commission of the 6th Municipal Corporation and/or any other public or competent authority, or for non-issuance of diploma or certificate of occupancy – connection to water or electricity or as a result of a court order infringing the construction of the building.

The seller will only deliver the property of the apartment to the buyer if the buyer has paid the seller all the sums he must pay under this contract and if he has duly complied and fulfilled all the obligations and provisions contained in this contract, and if he is held and respected in turn.

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